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Introducing Golden Age Series® The Golden Age Series® is a very specially hand-crafted
thirteen piece series of 18K Gold 'fine jewelry with meaning.'
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The Golden Age Series®, by Designer, Winifred Adams, is a showcase of thirteen uniquely hand-crafted jewelry pieces, each representing the journey of unfolding consciousness in the Golden Age. The meaning and architectural design go hand in hand to create a valuable and stunning exploration into the art of consciousness. Each piece is long contemplated by Winifred, and some of the stones that will be part of this series were considered for the permanent collection of the Smithsonian, but will now be made specifically for this series. The artist, Winifred Adams, has spent 15 years studying meditation and personally practicing wellness and energetic healing on hundreds of people. Combining her skills of healing, with the fine art of jewelry and stones, comes a unique and rare heirloom-quality artistry. The client will not only find the esthetics to be pleasing, but the energetic of the pieces may also be experienced and felt within. Each piece is tuned to the harmonic frequency of A, which is known to align all body systems, in the scientific study of sound healing.