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Winifred Adams

Malibu, California

Born a natural medical intuitive and healer, Winifred dedicates her life path to health, healing and conscious attunement, through healing arts, music, jewelry, and writing.

As a jewelry designer for Designs By Winifred, Winifred uses her unique skills as a medical intuitive to create pieces for people sight-unseen, who benefit from the healing properties of natural stones in proper combination for their wellbeing. Winifred Adams is a medical intuitive working with her innate knowledge of people’s body system health. She has taught for Tree of Light Institute and has studied for 25 years under an enlightened Living Master. As collectibles and a celebrity favorite, Designs by Winifred has touched many with the power of the blessed stones and the love going into each hand-crafted piece.

As a Best-Selling author of The Silver Lining of Cancer, and the Power of Your Inner Brilliance, Manifested Blessings, and the founder of GAMI (The Global Association of Medical Intuitives), Winifred continues to share her inspiring stories and the her connection with spirit, with audiences, worldwide. Winifred is an award-winning musician and has been a voting member of the Recording Academy for over five years, with music that has played in almost every country around the world.

As a professional wellness speaker and member of National Speakers Association and the Holistic Chamber of Commerce/Santa Monica, Winifred now shares her dynamic skills with audiences, doing healing and showcasing medical intuition to live audiences. You can find her LIVE every Sunday evening on Awoken TV, sharing her knowledge of medical intuition and sharing her healing, live.

With over 23 years dedicated to her meditative studies, she has honed her unique abilities to help people in person or remotely, worldwide. With profound accuracy, she is able to get to the heart of their issues through identifying the emotional components and the body systems affected.

As a founder of Making Life Brighter LLC, and leading Medical Intuitive/Master Healer, Winifred’s skills have been fine-tuned to immediately see the origin of the problem within a person’s body or field of energy and accurately assess it using medical intuition. She has extensive knowledge in body system health, the bio-energy field, and natural healing modalities includes herbology, iridology, remote/hands on healing, and sound healing therapy. Winifred’s expertise using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) sets her apart, having vested over 10,000 hours with the modality accurately healing people, worldwide.

Helping people “feel better from the inside out” is her motto to healing and the years of success with people’s health and well-being. Designs by Winifred is an extension of her healing.

As a visionary, Winifred founded GAMI to fill a need for a legitimate Medical Intuitive Association, leading the standard in ethics, education and professionalism, ultimately creating a community for those practicing and learning Medical Intuition. By doing so, one day Medical Intuition will be widely used and readily recognized by modern medicine the world over.

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