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Golden Age Series®

The Golden Age Series®

is a very specially hand-crafted thirteen piece series of 18K Gold fine jewelry with meaning. Each

Winifred One-Of-A-Kind™

in the series represents artistic viewpoints of one’s consciousness in the Golden Age. Winifred has created each One-Of-A-Kind™ piece in the Golden Age Series by deeply contemplating the nature of the design as it pertains to the center stone, amplified by the accent stones. Every piece in the Golden Age Series® is crafted for a unique meaning of it’s depiction of the unfolding of one’s consciousness within the Golden Age, toward a world of peace, harmony, and well-meaningness to oneself and others. Each piece comes with a special code that only the buyer types into the Secret Code portion of the site, where there is a full description and meaning of that piece, exclusively available to that buyer. The first in the Winifred One-Of-A-Kind™ Golden Age Series® is the King Crown Ring. The King Crown Ring tells a story of a King who offered his Kingdom one piece of his jewels and gold at a time, to each person in his kingdom. Each person came to see the vastness of this kingdom and to choose one thing for themselves. That day, however, a young woman came and asked the guard “Who is the owner of all this wealth?” The guard replied, “Why the King, of course.” The young woman looked about and asked to be taken to the King. When the young woman finally stood in front of him she said, “Your majesty, if you are the One who possesses all this and I am allowed but one choice, then…I choose you.” The Golden Yellow Heliodor, which is the center stone of the first in the series, has been historically known to help “a person to turn one’s will into that of the Divine will.” In this regard, it was chosen along with the setting of a crown to represent the choice of “choosing the King.” Winifred created the ring to reflect the story of the king; “When one chooses the King, (ie your spirit) and one puts that first, all else follows.” The King Crown Ring is made of 18K yellow gold, a 9.76 ct stunning hand-cut pentagon Yellow Heliodor (diameter of 13.5mm pentagon), with .28 cts of white round brilliant cut diamonds. The King Crown Ring comes with a One-Of-A-Kind™ hand-crafted cherry wood box, carved with the signature WA logo, No1, signifying the first in the series, and “remember to remember” on the lid along with the a picture of the crown design. Over time, the box will naturally darken as it ages, but the energy will remain, provided the keeper of the ring sets their intentions positively.