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After years of studying the art of Energetics through the science of light and sound under a competent Master, Winifred Adams birthed her long-awaited goal of creating a healing line of fine jewelry, in addition to her one-of-a-kind hand-made pieces. Beauty and Balance combine the inherent Energetics of semi-precious stones with the aesthetics of balance, creating a line that people the world over, can wear confidently as day-wear into evening-wear and while benefitting from the healing frequency.

“Jewelry is an extension of ourselves,” Winifred says. “It’s with purpose and adornment that we assign meaning–whether it elegance or a reminder to honor thyself by radiating beauty. It is my sincerest intent that the women who wear these pieces use them to reflect beauty and balance in their lives, and to remember to Be Love in this world.”

For her premiere line, Beauty and Balance, Winifred has designed for equilibrium, a theme she’s used in her work for years, but which took on greater meaning after study and consideration of other cultures that achieved that within their societies, chief among them the Hopi Indians. She chose tourmaline as her primary stone—her first love—and there’s rarely a day she’s not wearing it. Tourmaline is a fine crystal–at the top of its kingdom, one step below the precious stones, but of similar value. It manifests in a vast array of colors and harbors refined energetic properties. Tourmaline has historically been used to deflect negativity and radiation. It’s also been used to transmute negativity and fears carried by an individual, and to assist a return to a state of softer, more loving energy. Each color of tourmaline offers a unique energetic quality. (See Meaning of Stones) “All tourmaline has been known to deflect negativity and realign the energy centers of the heart and body. In our world of technological bombardment, this is essential. We use cellular phones, we sit before computers throughout the day, we live near electric towers—so we need tools that maintain our frequency. And why not in the form of beauty?” Winifred asks. “I’ve had clients who, after wearing my tourmaline necklaces or bracelets, have reported a feeling of clarity and a reduction in headaches while still being at their computers all day.” Whether it’s for beauty or balance, there’s something in this line for the lover of inner and outer beauty; glamorous needle thread earrings with convenient, secure u-bends, sporty tourmaline studs, or sophisticated hoops with interchangeable single-color drops, whimsical three-drop hoops, and Winifred’s favorite–6-drop gold needle threads with every color of tourmaline–blue, green, and pink. Other stones offered are blue topaz, amethyst, iolite, and lemon citrine, in Sterling Silver and 18k white/yellow gold. Most items are crafted in a two-tone color scheme to easily mix and match with any outfit and with other jewelry.

Winifred offers, “May all moments of your life be that of “Beauty and Balance while remembering to remember love.” –WA~